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Santiago, Chile
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Purim Contest….

Les compartimos las poesías y las historias ganadoras de nuestro concurso literario de Purim, organizado por el Departamento de Inglés de Educación Básica. La iniciativa tenía como objetivo fomentar la creatividad entre nuestros talmidim, además de celebrar con mucha alegría el Gag.

¡Felicitaciones a todos los ganadores!


4th D

Author: Diego Borzutzky




happy, fun

wear costumes, eat, celebrate

Tell Esther’s fabulous story,



4th A

Author: Gal Medel

 Happy Purim


Purim is a JAG

that we celebrate on 14 ALDAR


and we read the MEGILA.


I disguise myself

to go to the festivity day


and I receive a lot.


Purim is a JAG

when I have fun


their story I learn.


Thanks to MORDECAI

the Jewish people was saved

and now we commemorate

we change sadness in happiness.


By Antonia Gomberoff (5ºB)

Once upon a time there was a Muslim family that liked celebrating Purim. They actually loved many Jewish festivities, but they didn’t dare to go to the synagogue because they thought that the Jewish people could think that they wanted to attack  them.

One day they dared to go to the synagogue because they wanted to learn more about Purim. The son went dressed of a spy, the daughter went of a hamburger , the dad of a king and the mom of a queen. The Jewish people received them with a big round of applause because they weren’t racist and it was a better attitude. Finally, they made many friends in the community.


The Magic of Purim
By Arie Goldbaum (5ºB)

Once upon a time, there was a shy kid called Salomon. He was very worried because Purim was coming and he didn’t like wearing costumes. Unfortunately for him, all his classmates wanted to win the prize for the first costume that year and that he didn’t want to disappoint his friends.

He prayed a lot, and asked God to help him. When he was coming to school, he saw a girl on the floor crying. She had fallen down. He helped her get up and washed her wounds. They became friends and he told her about his problem. She helped him get the courage he needed and convinced him to wear a costume.

The day of Purim, he wore a great costume. All his class was happy because they won.